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Level 4 is the highest NIJ rating and offers the most comprehensive protection from all ballistic threats. Level 4 plates are the best option against armor piercing rounds and magnum rifle calibers. All of our Level 4s offer multi-hit protection from rounds such as .30-06 AP, 7.62x54R AP, M80A1, M855A1, M193, or 7.62x39 MSC. 
Top Sellers: Highcom 4S17M (7.2lbs), 4SAS7 (7.1lbs, 0.7" thin), 4S16 (6.2lbs, 0.7" thin).
Highcom 4S17M/ 4SAS7/ 4S16 Multi Curve 10x12 Level 4's ship the fastest.

Highcom is currently prioritizing our orders which means Lower Lead Times on Highcom products!

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