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About Us

Founded in 2020 by John Sun, Apex Armor Solutions was born out of a deep-seated desire to revolutionize the armor industry.

Recognizing a critical need for a company that prioritized quality and education over pure profits, we embarked on a mission to make a difference.

In a landscape rife with misinformation and flooded with cheap, low-quality armor, we envisioned something different—a company that would set a new standard of excellence.

Driven by our passion for safety and our unwavering commitment to integrity, we set out to redefine the industry.

We understand that education is the key—that empowering customers with knowledge and transparency could make all the difference. Thus, Apex Armor Solutions was founded on the principles of quality, education, and trust.

Our vision is clear: to hand-pick each product, ensuring that only the highest quality, NIJ-certified armor, helmets, and plate carriers made it to the shelves. We refuse to compromise on excellence, knowing that the safety of our customers depended on it.

As the world continues to evolve into an increasingly dangerous and unstable place, our mission has never been more relevant. At Apex Armor Solutions, we recognize the importance of being prepared with the best—because when it comes to personal protection, there's no room for compromise.

Join us in our journey to make the world a safer place, one piece of armor at a time. Experience the difference with Apex Armor Solutions, where quality, education, and integrity are more than just ideals—they're our promise to you.

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