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Special Threat Plates are plates that fall outside of the traditional NIJ Level III and IV rating system. This means that these plates will generally stop multiple hits of 5.56 M193, 7.62x39 MSC and (depending on the plate) M855 and M855A1 with no problems. However, when it comes to rounds such as .308 M80 ball, they may either have too high of backface deformation to meet the NIJ minimum standards, or they cannot stop all 6 hits required. 
Plates such as our Tencate CR6450SA and LTC 28791 can stop all of the above mentioned threats, plus 7.62x54R LPS and .30-06 FMJ, however it is typically only rated for 1-3 shots rather than 6. 

Special threat plates are great when you need a lower profile/ lighter weight plate and bulk or ability to conceal is your primary concern.

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