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In a partnership with Tencate Advanced Armor, we are able to provide comprehensive custom vehicle up-armoring solutions for Civilian Applications (Personal Protection, VIP Transportation, Sensitive Goods Transport), Law Enforcement, and Military Applications.

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Law Enforcement

-Armored door panels available for common fleet vehicles, or custom fabrication for non standard vehicles.

-Threat coverage to suit your needs, from Level IIIA Handguns to Level III+ rifles (including steel core) and up to Level IV AP protection.
-Custom solutions available for complex geometry (ex: engine blocks) and armored glass.
-Vehicular spall liners available for SWAT armored trucks.

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-Custom cut and molded polyethylene, ceramic composite or steel panels available for custom door armor.
-Easy bolt on installation.

-Custom solutions available for armored glass and complex geometry armor.

-Variable threat ratings from handguns to rifles to suit end user needs.

-Discreet integration, all non transparent armor hidden under existing body panels.

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-Custom ceramic composite, polyethylene and metallic ballistic armor solutions for retrofit, and full systems integration.

-Full engineering support with R&D, 3D rendering, simulations and live testing available.

-In house ballistic testing available; 2gr RCC to 20mm FSP fragmentation, 5.56 M193 to 14.5mm BS41 direct fire.

-Up armor panels for land based armored vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels as well as shields for machine gun mounts.


Our most common vehicular armor solutions are retrofitted, easy to install, bolt in armored door panels for common law enforcement fleet vehicles. The most common option is our Level III+ Metallic/ Composite retrofit door panels for driver and passenger side doors.

These are available for the following standard fleet vehicles.

-Ford Explorer SUV (2011-Present)
-Ford Crown Victoria PL Sedan (1998-2012)

-Dodge RAM Extended Cab (2010-Present)
-Ford Taurus Pl Sedan (2013-Present)
-Chevrolet Caprice PPV (2011-Present)
-Chevrolet Tahoe (2015-Present)


Door panel installation.png

Our standard Level III+ metallic/ composite door panels are coated in a fragmentation liner and backed with a composite spall liner. We never recommend steel armor for personal body armor, however steel is objectively one of the best materials for armoring vehicles. 
Level III+ Door panels for standard Ford Explorers weigh 49lbs and offer 5.13 square feet of coverage at 0.25" thick. These can be installed into existing mounting brackets, do not require modification of the door frame and are completely hidden within the door. 


We can also do custom fabrication for non standard vehicles with Polyethylene materials for an additional cost. Please contact us if you have a large fleet of standardized vehicles we do not offer "standardized" options for. For these scenarios we may be able to order custom molds for hydraulic presses for a greater flexibility in armor composition.

We have access to engineers and complex equipment that allows us to develop full custom up armor solutions for any civilian or law enforcement vehicle. We utilize the highest quality Polyethylene, Ceramic Composites, Metal Alloys and Transparent Armor to achieve your needs. Protection is discreet and the armor can be hidden underneath existing body panels. Custom molded ceramics for complex geometric shapes such as engine bays are available upon request. Please note custom fabrication does incur additional costs, please contact us for quotes.

Easy bolt on up armor solutions and aramid/ polyethylene spall liners are available for common SWAT armored vehicles, military personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Ceramic composite up armor panels capable of added protection from .50 BMG SLAP-T to 25mm APDS-T rounds available. 

View our sliding gallery for examples of what we can do and use the contact form below to reach out for questions or quotes. 

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