Beware of Fake NIJ Certification Labels

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Beware and be mindful of fake NIJ Certification labels. Unfortunately this industry is rife with misinformation, deception and companies who are more concerned about profit than they are about your safety. Something new that we have seen occurring are fake NIJ certification labels. These give the appearance of NIJ certification, but in fact are not.

The following is the real NIJ certification label that all NIJ certified armor models must have on their product labels.

Friendly reminder that "tested to standard" or "independently tested" is not an NIJ certification. These tests are often shoot tests which encompass 1-2 plates. This alone is 1/10th-1/20th of the sample size required for an NIJ certification. The NIJ certification process covers heat chamber tests, drop tests, submersion tests and more, not a simple small sample shoot test. If you are ever in doubt on whether or not a product is NIJ certified, you can always check the compliant products list for their model. However, rebranding is also incredibly common in the industry, so the NIJ certification may be listed under the original OEM. Compliant products list: Thank you to Gary Hughes of Survival Armor for first bringing these fake labels to our attention.

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